Unlocking Device (PPE)

A groundbreaking invention by Hans Julian Dzugan in the field of personal protection equipment for workers in altitudes.


Patented Solution

Only a few years ago Hans learned about the life-threatening risk of suspension trauma at a course at the Austrian Accident Prevention Institution (AUVA). He swiftly focussed all his experience and knowledge as an examining engineer and drew up a solution. Shortly after that he filed for patent and received notice of its publication.


Life-saving mechanism

The unlocking device is a life-saving instrument in the area of PPE for people who are working at height using the dorsal attachment point in their safety harness. The device enables an automatic time-delayed switch from the dorsal attachment-point to the frontal one.

More time for rescue

Through the change from the dorsal to the frontal attachment point the non-critical time in remaining hanging in an harness is MUCH less critical. A victim that has fallen into the harness and remains attached to the back is at life-danger within very short time. Being attached in the front provides critical time for rescuing the victim and enables the victim to move and handle gear (if conscious).


Goal: serial-readiness and market-entry

The existing prototypes have proven the technical maturity as well as the certifyability and functionality of the product.  The feedback by users has been incredibly positive. Together with an according license partner we will be taking this product to serial-production and introduce it as a novelty on the PPE-market.

This dummy is attached at the dorsal attachment point. A human would be unable to do anything hanging in this position. Within a very short time this person would be in serious danger.

A short clip that shows the fall and unlocking at our demo-set-up.


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Another video clip explaining the device

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