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Teambuilding Seminar for leisure assistants in Schneeberg

After we (almost) all, were there at 6:30 clock at the station, we took the first train to Wiener Neustadt. We were tired, but we were looking forward to the upcoming two days.

At about 10 o’clock we finally arrived at the parking lot of the chairlift at the foot of the Schneeberg, where our coach Lukas welcomed us. After a brief introductory round, it went uphill. For a whole hour;). We had a true Kaiser weather, which let us forget our tiredness abruptly.

At the top we took a short break and moved into the rooms. After that, we split into two groups and played team building games. Afterwards we dealt with ourselves; our strengths and weaknesses, goals, fears, etc. written on paper and then discussed with a colleague.

Later we started in 2-man teams to build a bow according to the leaf spring principle. Time passed like flight because everyone got in it. It was like a small competition, who builds the most beautiful bow, I would almost say.

While some started to prepare the evening buffet, the others went into the woods to search for firewood.

Under a gigantic starry sky, we ate together a variety of delicacies, drank a few or two beers and warmed us by the fire. We talked great and could not believe that we were working in that moment.

The next morning we had breakfast first and then strengthened again to talk about our personal interests and opinions.

A few shooting exercises with the bow, last words to and from Lukas and we walked the mountain again

It was really an exciting weekend, which will be very helpful in our profession, as well as in private and has made us as a team even stronger. Great job from Lukas, and a thank you to Verena for making this possible!
We are looking forward to the next time!

Verena Glaser

A mentor with a sense for people and business

Lukas has always fascinated me – he has a feel for people as well as for the market. We work together on some projects and it’s super easy to get ahead. From communication to enforcement, Lukas is a great partner. His vision is contagious and touches many people. He is a person who likes to have many people around him and who enjoys being human. Meetings are always productive and without ego or hierarchy. I feel very much at home with Lukas and I look forward to any further cooperation!

With heart and brain

Lukas and I worked together on entrain’s positioning and marketing concept. I was always looking forward to our meetings and voting. He is a great sparring partner with an incredible amount of experience. And he’s just a nice guy. Point.

Marion Korherr

Dedicated and inspiring.

Lukas Brunbauer is a dedicated and inspired trainer, who with his high quality standards is a competent partner for our work. Appreciating communication is for him not only theory, but lived practice.

Barbara Österreicher, Rudolf Krcma und Ute Van Uffelen

A good meeting from the ALF school

Good group dynamic exercises. Theoretical input in a well-tolerated dose, and also helpful. Thank you Lukas, also for your sympathetic and natural way to guide through the day.


Cooles Team Building für die TU Austria Summer School Doc+

The entry into our Summer School was stated by all PhD students as highlight of this week. The outdoor exercises and getting to know the students from three different universities worked wonderfully. That’s how learning is fun!
Thank you very much for the really great seminar with you!

Helga Gartner

A 100% reliable and competent colleague

I really enjoy working with Lukas because we complement each other in the collaboration. The training with him get to the point and make you want more.