Sometimes you just have to let go

5. April 2018 Uncategorized

„Tomorrow is already yesterday today.“

It’s such a trite phrase, but it may fall over and over again because it’s just true. When something comes to an end, you can perhaps redesign, renew or change it over and over again, but sometimes it is best to finish something.

The topic might come over me today because I’ve just signed up for a company that I’ve been working in for the past three years. I am happy that we have managed to make a clear cut and now everyone is back on their own paths.

Without paying too much attention to this commitment, I generally observe that there is a tendency to cling to something instead of letting it go. Why is that?


What does it take to let go?

Let’s look at the question a little bit differently and what would we answer if we ask ourselves what it actually takes to let go of someone or something?.

I would bet that at least 2 out of 3 readers would say the first answer: security.

Do you also belong to this qualified majority? Well, then I have good news and bad news. The bad news is: there is no absolute security … but you probably already know that. But it is much worse, because it is useless to worry about a hedge. The good news is that something new is coming for sure.

That was already enough truism and actually I would like to leave the question already as such, because maybe everyone of the remaining third needs something else to let go.

Personally, in moments like these, I need confidence and the exercise of confidence in what comes. In the next step and my inner guidance.

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