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17. Mai 2018 Reflection, Uncategorized

It is just one of the most entrepreneurially interesting times that I can live through in my life so far. I would like to give you a little insight here and in this post a little about the current situation, the background and challenges reflect and report.

Since the first time I did this sport, he has grabbed me. At the moment, a lot of my professional life feels like practicing this sport. Being in the river, strong forces, beautiful experiences and big challenges.


A strong „Why“

My friend Thomas is also a business consultant. His focus is on change management. Thomas refers again and again to the Golden Circle (see Simon Sinek). When I listen to him at his pitch, he constantly emphasizes how important it is to have a strong „why“ and be carried away by it.

In fact, I’ve always been pretty sure that my „why“ lies in the area of ​​human development. It was not for nothing that many years ago, back in Mexico, I trained as a psychotherapist and practiced my own practice.

Over the years, this topic has continuously mixed more and more with economic and business agendas, and so it turns out that today I like to do business development as well as training and consulting, and actively participate in companies (especially StartUps).


Many projects

This point with the „Why“, is in this post because on the top because it is so important for me, especially in times like this. It helps me to keep focus and not to lose myself in different topics

Again and again, new people, whom I get to know, ask me: „What are you actually doing for a living?“ I then talk about my different projects, which sometimes almost look like they have hardly anything to do with each other. But for me they fit together wonderfully, because at heart I act here from a strong inner concern: empowerment – „enablement“


The world in 3D

For some years now I have been significantly involved in the project Hand.Werk.Stadt. It’s a nice feeling to see that the initial „basement workshop-herding“ * has turned into a gradually busier workshop operation. I am glad that here too we offer a service with the offer of professional 3D print training and the development of hardware prototypes, through which the project can build up a stable business model

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* Note: initially we often sat in the empty basement for hours, thinking about how we would do it



I love to do team building, sporadic workshops and meetings. It is especially nice that I am allowed to work selectively with many different colleagues. I am especially pleased that a training project for sales and negotiating interests – headed by ENTRAIN – will be added in the near future with an international team in the DACH region and Italy


Sticklett – the smart vitality monitor

My focus right now is on this startup that really hit me in the heart. Michaela Schicho started a smart vitality monitor for babies, children and toddlers 3 years ago that helps parents keep an eye on body temperature, breathing and activity. Here we are currently preparing the vertical launch in the market and there are many, many exciting tasks to solve.

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Challenges and Upsides

Just now I was asked by a journalist, whom I have told a little about my activities, „Is that actually exhausting or exciting to be challenged at so many things at the same time?“. The answer is clear: both! But the great thing is that there are incredible synergies between all these topics, the appointments, conversations and encounters.

As exciting as it is, it is of course exhausting. Fortunately, there are many smart tools available today that make such a way of working possible. In addition, I must say that, all in all, I consider it a great privilege to be on the move and to be allowed to participate in such projects.

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