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23. Mai 2018 Project, Uncategorized

Today I would like to briefly report something in more detail about a project that I have recently been allowed to accompany or had the opportunity to come on board: sticklett.

Sticklett was founded a few years ago by Michaela Schicho. Originally the company established itself as a smart fashion label and sold cool clothes with detachable „Sticklettz“ (textile stickers) for children (from zero to 10) and started working on a very special application.

An expressive medium for children

It was the guiding vision to help children express themselves better. Today, three years later, a wonderful product is finally developed: MARY, the smart ladybug. MARY is an intelligent vitality monitor that measures the respiration, body temperature and activity of babies, children and toddlers and displays the information on the smartphone and can also set off an alarm if necessary.



That sounds exciting! „Is often the reaction when I speak of MARY in my environment. Comes then a vague memory of similar products (baby mat, etc.), but they do not deliver what this little ladybug offers. Not infrequently, I also hear a touching story from friends who needed or might need it.


We offer a solution. Support us!

MARY has been developed and tested for a long time. With this product we can hopefully support many parents and children, especially if the little ones are sick or suffer from various chronic issues. Fortunately, we are now ready to produce and deliver the first series of MARY via crowdfunding (Kickstarter – START June 5, 2018 !!!). Help us to carry this message into the world and be part of it!


What do I do at sticklett?

On my business card is Business Development & Sales, but as is so common in StartUps. Here you are everywhere clamped. It’s definitely a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to the next steps with Kickstarter, serial production, sales development, etc. to go along.

On our Sticklett page – – you can learn more. You can also write me directly if you want more information. (Follow on Facebook)

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