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30. Oktober 2018 3D Print, Coaching, Project

Lately, these terms are increasingly appearing in my everyday life and in various conversations. For this reason I would like to write a short reflection on this topic today. At the same time I would like to give an impulse to bring a little more clarity into a matter that is looking for clarification – here and now. It may also be a good occasion to think about where you are currently focusing and where you would like to place it. Begin

The better we see where we want to go, the easier we get there.

Let’s start with the focus

Quite frankly, I’m not a fan of classic NLP, orthodox positive thinking dogma or  obsessive mindfulness obsession. All of these approaches work very much with the topic of focus. I am more pragmatic here and I love the principle „Where I execute my attention, the energy flows there“.Luckily, I found this wisdom again today in a nice article on prevention measures against burnout (see XING article).


It’s just a law of nature

Actually, it is very easy to understand this wisdom as natural law. However, being aware of or becoming aware of who or what you are paying attention to is not always that easy. It requires thought discipline as well as a decision on what you really want to deal with.

Sometimes people behave as if their thoughts were not the product of their creation, but vice versa. Very interesting, right?

Therefore, pay attention to where you put your focus and where you want to actually put it. To be the creator of one’s own thoughts or the victim of the thoughts of one’s own environment

You should be particularly careful about the information that you are constantly confronted with, whether we like it or not. It is our decision what we accept and what we do not.


What is it really all about?

The second point that I would like to briefly outline today is the search for or the questioning of the essence. We could certainly spend years wondering what it’s really all about.

The emphasis on this question on my part is not a call to endless, fundamental navel-gazing. My point today is to argue for a more frequent, brief reflection on the intent of our actions.

Therefore, the hint number two follows: If what we do does not agree with our intention of acting, then maybe it is a good moment to do something different.


It works, I promise!

It is also often more effective to think about the „why“ than to ponder the wrong „how“. Again, the simpler the answers the better. The best answer can be understood by a child. So it stays in us best.

Finally, I have a short tutorial on how to clarify things in a few simple steps:

  1. Think of a problem or topic that needs clarification.
  2. What is it really about?
  3. If this topic were solved, what would you have from it?
  4. What could you do today to take a step towards the solution?


Coaching helps

An essential part of the coaching work is to help clients clarify issues and focus attention. It’s amazing what powers are often released when people discover these issues by themselves

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