Multitasking vs. Singletasking

20. Juli 2018 Uncategorized

I like to do many things. I also love traveling a lot. Even though the abundance and variety of activities in a day or in a week are sometimes almost too extensive, it is all in all great to be allowed to serve such diverse tasks.   With all the hustle and bustle, I try to always make sure that I do not do several things at the same time but consistently one thing after another. Often I associate differentRead More

MARY – A product that touches and thrills

23. Mai 2018 Project, Uncategorized

Today I would like to briefly report something in more detail about a project that I have recently been allowed to accompany or had the opportunity to come on board: sticklett. Sticklett was founded a few years ago by Michaela Schicho. Originally the company established itself as a smart fashion label and sold cool clothes with detachable „Sticklettz“ (textile stickers) for children (from zero to 10) and started working on a very special application. An expressive medium for children ItRead More

New ventures

17. Mai 2018 Reflection, Uncategorized

It is just one of the most entrepreneurially interesting times that I can live through in my life so far. I would like to give you a little insight here and in this post a little about the current situation, the background and challenges reflect and report.   A strong „Why“ My friend Thomas is also a business consultant. His focus is on change management. Thomas refers again and again to the Golden Circle (see Simon Sinek). When I listenRead More

Sometimes you just have to let go

5. April 2018 Uncategorized

„Tomorrow is already yesterday today.“ It’s such a trite phrase, but it may fall over and over again because it’s just true. When something comes to an end, you can perhaps redesign, renew or change it over and over again, but sometimes it is best to finish something. The topic might come over me today because I’ve just signed up for a company that I’ve been working in for the past three years. I am happy that we have managedRead More

3D Printing I like to be a pioneer

29. März 2018 3D Print, Uncategorized

I will not wait long to research if anyone has done it before us, because it does not matter BUT I’m pretty sure we’re the first in the neighborhood, the 3D printing classes for kids and girls too have take into account young people and I’m pretty proud of that. Idea and quick implementation It was only a few weeks before Easter that we talked about introducing youngsters to this exciting topic. Short hand, has my partner Georg in Hand.Werk.StadtRead More

A revolution – 3D printing

19. Februar 2018 3D Print, Uncategorized

In the last weeks I have been part of the project development of Hand.Werk.Stadt (Version 4.0). Every time I am more and more concerned with the topic of 3D printing and am really surprised at the potential that lies in it. Numerous articles and comments confirm that already (see article). I do not call myself a particularly talented or passionate techie, much less a real maker, because these are the people who really know this area. But since I haveRead More

Homepage Reset 2018

13. Februar 2018 Uncategorized

My old homepage was struck down last week by malware, viruses, etc. This is the perfect opportunity to rebuild the site.   New focus In recent years, I have worked on many different projects in parallel. That was exciting and also very enriching. At the moment I am anxious to focus my resources a bit more and I am looking forward to the coming months, which will certainly bring some new things in this regard.   What you can expectRead More