3D Print

Keep focus, create clarity

30. Oktober 2018 3D Print, Coaching, Project

Lately, these terms are increasingly appearing in my everyday life and in various conversations. For this reason I would like to write a short reflection on this topic today. At the same time I would like to give an impulse to bring a little more clarity into a matter that is looking for clarification – here and now. It may also be a good occasion to think about where you are currently focusing and where you would like to placeRead More

3D Printing I like to be a pioneer

29. März 2018 3D Print, Uncategorized

I will not wait long to research if anyone has done it before us, because it does not matter BUT I’m pretty sure we’re the first in the neighborhood, the 3D printing classes for kids and girls too have take into account young people and I’m pretty proud of that. Idea and quick implementation It was only a few weeks before Easter that we talked about introducing youngsters to this exciting topic. Short hand, has my partner Georg in Hand.Werk.StadtRead More

A revolution – 3D printing

19. Februar 2018 3D Print, Uncategorized

In the last weeks I have been part of the project development of Hand.Werk.Stadt (Version 4.0). Every time I am more and more concerned with the topic of 3D printing and am really surprised at the potential that lies in it. Numerous articles and comments confirm that already (see article). I do not call myself a particularly talented or passionate techie, much less a real maker, because these are the people who really know this area. But since I haveRead More