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19. Februar 2018 3D Print, Uncategorized

In the last weeks I have been part of the project development of Hand.Werk.Stadt (Version 4.0). Every time I am more and more concerned with the topic of 3D printing and am really surprised at the potential that lies in it. Numerous articles and comments confirm that already (see article).

I do not call myself a particularly talented or passionate techie, much less a real maker, because these are the people who really know this area. But since I have gained more and more insight into the scene in recent years by setting up the project Hand.Werk.Stadt, I would like to comment on 3D printing and digitization in particular. Because in 3D printing slumbers in my opinion a technological revolution


The discovery of a new dimension

For example, imagine you have an idea. Make a quick sketch! What does the design look like? Probably some scribble on a sheet of paper.

Now imagine, one could represent his idea in a jiffy as a tangible body. An idea becomes an attackable thought. Fascinating!

This is not only important in the development of ideas. I think that this is a leap that will also affect our thinking. So far, primarily technology-affine people have been trained in the three-dimensional representation. In the future, I think it will be like that with a smartphone. Three-dimensional and, above all, haptic presentation will find its way into our everyday lives. We will begin – as broad measures – to use the third dimension for many things.


Countless applications will still arise

I am convinced that as more people and businesses discover this technology, more and more applications will emerge. One also once wondered why one would need automobiles, telephones or a computer. Today, I doubt, one would say those thing are from another world. The first concrete examples of 3D printing can currently be found among others. in the spare parts industry, product development, medical technology or logistics


Digitization scares many people

Especially during my discussions in the private as well as professional context, I often observe that the topic „digitization“ has something spooky for many people and companies. It is then spoken in the same breath of Internet of Things or the smart home. Generally, however, there is often helplessness and worry about the future and reality. Senseless exchanges of people through digital services inspire me as a humanist

So I argue that we should think hard about HOW we want to use technology in the future and how it can really improve our lives in the future. But we also have to take the reins as quickly as possible and actively deal with them. Learning 3D printing is very important to me.


Beginner Courses in 3D Printing – A Beginning

For this reason, I am proud that we – as part of the Hand.Werk.Stadt – I can help people and organizations with 3D printing courses to learn 3D printing quickly and easily. Together with my colleague Georg Schibranji, we have set ourselves the goal of making 3D printing accessible to everyone and are now offering introductory and advanced courses as well Stay focused, create clarity as individual training and consultancy.


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