3D Printing I like to be a pioneer

29. März 2018 3D Print, Uncategorized

I will not wait long to research if anyone has done it before us, because it does not matter BUT I’m pretty sure we’re the first in the neighborhood, the 3D printing classes for kids and girls too have take into account young people and I’m pretty proud of that.

A self-printed lithophany from a picture of the young participants of the 1st 3D Print Course for Youngsters

Idea and quick implementation

It was only a few weeks before Easter that we talked about introducing youngsters to this exciting topic. Short hand, has my partner Georg in Hand.Werk.Stadt written down the first points and designed a concept.

The poster and the flyers were ready soon. So we went with this offer to the public.

Thanks to good strategic cooperation and targeted communication with the right people, we managed to fill the course despite the short lead time and Georg introduced seven young Mödlingers to the spheres of 3D printing


The dam will break

I just like to explore and explore new areas. 3D printing is one of the areas that really impressed me. I like to be one of the pioneers and tell all my friends and acquaintances, all those I meet: „Take a course! Because now the topic is ripe! So you’ll be in the lead when it’s too late for others.

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